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48hrs of tristate - THree days of passion

“48HRS of Tristate has driven more than 350,000 Subaru miles together and raised approximately $300,000 for charity over the 11 years.” – Mike Torricelli, organizer



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The 48HRS of Tristate event is a multiday cruise for Subaru fans. It’s open to performance and non-performance vehicles alike. Although participants gather from as far away as Florida and the Midwest, most are from New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


Multiyear participant Kyle Mehling commented, “You have people from all different backgrounds and different career paths and different levels of income all hanging out together and sharing a common bond. They love their cars, and they want to do good by the world. It’s easy to find someone who might be a doctor or a lawyer chatting with someone who is a mechanic chatting with someone who is still in college chatting with someone who is scraping to buy their first car.


 “Yet they want to raise money together, and they want to talk about Subaru. It puts them all on the same level no matter what their backgrounds are.”


The event has grown since its first January drive 11 years ago. That’s when five forum members decided to fight the winter doldrums and drive around the eastern United States to visit friends, all within a 48-hour schedule. Determining that they should do something more than just drive, they raised money for the New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund.


The group’s charity has changed in the intervening years. Because of the pervasiveness of cancer and its effect on family and friends, 48HRS of Tristate began donating to the American Cancer Society®. Donations have evolved from so much per mile to collecting for the charity from the point of participant registration through the society’s website. All the money collected by the teams – including registration fees – goes to the charity.


“One of the things that’s great about the event is that no matter who does the event, they’ll be back another time, whether it’s two years later or three years later or the next year. There’s just something about the camaraderie of the people on the trip and the fun that you have and the good that you’re doing.” – Commented Sarah Taylor, president of and founder of


Ted Drotleff, one of the organizers of 48HRS of Tristate, added, “Once somebody goes on the drive, they’ll go again and again, just because of the friends they make. It’s a way for a large group of friends to get together and have a fun weekend away from home.”


 Photo: Robert Plafta 



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